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Еnjoy a full-body presence
in the virtual space

Modular Magnetic Motion Capture Technology for AR / VR and 3D-apps
Remote sensors

Modular structure

Sensor hubs
Unity intergation example
Leap Motion VS TAU Tracker
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Политика конфиденциальности
TAU Tracker - is a technology of hands and body tracking for virtual and augmented reality applications, 3D simulators, immersion demonstrations and presentations

Competitive advantages:

    Full body tracking (with fingers)
    Modular structure
    Possible use of individual and group
    Light weight and convenient
    No line of sight problem
    Reasonably priced when compared          to the existing solutions

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Existing motion capturing systems, used in virtual worlds, have significant disadvantages and restrictions. Some of them are expensive, some don’t allow fingers tracking or have line-of-sight problem, some are not accurate or work with accrued error.

TAU Tracker wipes out all those restrictions by implementing an original magneto-inertial method. It brings the user to virtual worlds with his or her every movement of each part of the body, including fingers, in real time, accurately, with almost zero delay, thus allowing to be completely immersed into a game or an educational process. As a result TAU Tracker provides more realistic feel to the user, increasing the efficiency of learning and fun game!

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