15 August, 2018
15 August, 2018
Interaction in a virtual environment (3D object) requires intuitive manual control, because controllers and joysticks can not give users the full immersion.
TAU Tracker offers gloves, "3D hands" that track and give the correct coordinates of the entire palm, including five fingers. In this case the user can take emotionally travel in virtual experience, the excellent presence effect.
The total scare of immersion allows you to make the virtual experience as believable as possible.

That is why the correct motion capture and true coordinates are very important for right work with 3D models. In VR, interaction with 3D models helps users to get new knowledge and skills.
Only the right 3D motion capture solution can help the user feel comfortable in virtual reality, control their actions in VR the most effectively way.

Today, correct motion capture and interaction with 3D models are very important for work in the following areas:
Development of mechanical engineering projects, construction:
3D models are used to visualize models of the future car, plane, ship, spacecraft, etc. In such large models, virtual reality allows you to see the layout in full scale 1:1. So, engineers and developers can check all processes in real time, evaluate ergonomics, identify conflicts, customize the interior and exterior of the machines.

The 3D model can be easily checked for compliance with safety and maintainability requirements and promptly make adjustments in case of deviations.

By interacting with 3D models, you can visualize the construction process, display the virtual layout of the city, district, building or interior in real time, which makes it possible to walk through the virtual building, assess the convenience of its operation, the location of the infrastructure.

Education, training program:
3D modeling is used as interactive technological instructions for training stuff in factory production . For example, a virtual simulation of manual assembly of a product or simulator training for inspectors on the replacement of gas meters.

Firefighters also use virtual reality to work out emergencies, psychological training of specialists.
The ability to connect a large number of different peripherals allows you to simulate the control of different cars, devices and robots, training of manager skills.

Virtual reality opens new opportunities for everybody. VR becomes an innovative learning environment for all users. You can learn to play different musical instruments (guitar, drums, flute, etc.), karaoke sing, study martial arts, boxing, play table tennis, etc.

Marketing, sales with 3D models promotion:
Increasingly, investors and buyers consider the potential and decide to buy after presentations in 3D format. Marketing promo materials show the products or services from different sides and in different settings (for example, visualization of weather conditions and terrain).
3D visualization displaces the usual presentations, flyers and boring performances, because "oldschool" promo is built on template cliche.
The client, buying a product or service, wants not only to learn more about it, but also to get any experience of interaction. This is especially true in the tourism, besides it is popular in modern restaurants. Virtual tours are become more populary every day, restaurants create interiors of their establishments in the virtual space to attract new guests. Automakers teach their dealers how to lead virtual test drives of cars.
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TAU Tracker is the newest of user interface technology. Hand motion is the next generation of human computer interaction which is away from mouse or touch. TAU Tracker is the profitable VR motion capture device. It is light, wireless. The best way to interact with VR world. It is fully responsive, clean, modern, creative, and spontaneous. Intuitive interactions. Minimal latency. Precise motion tracking. Natural user interfaces.
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