TAU Tracker is the new motion capturing technology for VR / AR and 3D-apps.

TAU Tracker contains sensors, magnetic coil and "hub" computer. Coil generates magnetic field,
that is used by sensors to determine its location in space with 6 degrees of freedom.

TAU Tracker advantages:
- Tracking of all parts of the body (including fingers)
- Modular structure (developers can construct scalable systems)
- Ability of individual and group using
- Ability of embedding in objects
- Absence of blind zones and accumulated error problems
- Absolute coordinate for every sensor

Technical specification:
Positioning accuracy in the center of the work area:
- coordinates < 1mm
- angles of rotation < 0.5 degrees
Positioning accuracy at the edge of the working area:
- coordinates of < 10 mm
- angles of rotation < 1 degree
Working area-hemisphere with a radius of 700 mm
Latency ~40ms
Frequency 100 Hz
42 Bolshoy boulevard, Skolkovo Innovation center, Moscow, 143026, Russia
TAU Tracker is the newest of user interface technology. Hand motion is the next generation of human computer interaction which is away from mouse or touch. TAU Tracker is the profitable VR motion capture device. It is light, wireless. The best way to interact with VR world. It is fully responsive, clean, modern, creative, and spontaneous. Intuitive interactions. Minimal latency. Precise motion tracking. Natural user interfaces.
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