november 2019
TAU Tracker has invested over $ 1.1 million in product manufacturing. Our product is fully certified and has international patents. International sales have begun this year.
Beneficiaries: 4 persons.
Required investments: $ 2 million
Intellectual property: the patent for the invention №2626755,
PCT application PCT/RU 2017/050052 DEVICE FOR DETERMINING THE POSITION OF AN OBJECT IN SPACE, national stages of examination in the USA, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore.
Production in China
  • Purchase of components and production of printed circuit boards
  • Order for manufacturing of tracker cases
  • Manufacturing of gloves
  • Package manufacturing
  • Design and production of the stand for testing printed circuit boards
  • Design and production of calibration stand
  • Opening a representative office in China and hiring employees to organize its work
  • Assembly production in Russia and China, with the organization of quality control process
  • Certification of production and quality processes

Product development and improvement of consumer features
  • Attraction of new employees of engineering and technical profile
  • Adding new features to the tracker: tactile feedback, increased tracking volume, Full-body tracking, gesture recognition without binding to the magnetic field
  • Production of new versions of the product with all necessary tests and iterations
  • Reduced tracking latency
  • Improved accuracy
  • Support for the most popular gaming platforms and graphics engines
  • Organization of technical support of users and opening of service centers
  • Improved usability and support for the most popular languages for the software interface
  • Purchase of licenses and technologies to improve the consumer properties of the product

Marketing and sales
  • Opening of new companies in the regions of presence
  • Hiring staff for sales and logistics
  • Participation in exhibitions and conferences
  • Advertising on the Internet and popular technology now
  • Access to the sites of Alibaba, eBay, Amazon
  • Registration of necessary tests, certifications, and permits for export
  • Preparation of demo applications and demo stands with robots and VR content
  • Preparation of high-quality media promo material
Part in the authorized capital
  • Depends on the detailed of the contract (including possible participation in management decisions, and exit conditions), such investor (including toxicity risk of investment and activity), the purpose of investment and size fraction (5-20%) 1 million - $2 million
Return of loans

  • Return of interest-free loans attracted to the project - 350 000$
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42 Bolshoy boulevard, Skolkovo Innovation center, Moscow, 143026, Russia
TAU Tracker is the newest of user interface technology. Hand motion is the next generation of human computer interaction which is away from mouse or touch. TAU Tracker is the profitable VR motion capture device. It is light, wireless. The best way to interact with VR world. It is fully responsive, clean, modern, creative, and spontaneous. Intuitive interactions. Minimal latency. Precise motion tracking. Natural user interfaces.
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