In modern medicine, surgery needs in accurately and quickly capturing position of surgical instruments in relation to the anatomical structures of the patient, while continuously updating the coordinates of objects on the screen. Surgical intervention is correlated with the preoperative plan, helping the doctor to follow the necessary trajectory.

When optical tracking systems are used, a cumulative error occurs over time. In addition, holders with cameras occupy a lot of space in the operating room, sometimes "blind" zones appear then something closes of the view. For example, when a nurse closes the camera, passing the instrument to the doctor during surgery, the camera in this cases loses tracking.

The modular wireless tracking system TAU Tracker will allow you to achieve the exact coordinates of all tracking objects. The patented method of magnetic inertial positioning allows to achieve the accuracy of the coordinate < 1mm. TAU Tracker allows measurements in 6 degrees of freedom.
Besides TAU Tracker also can help in rehabilitation programs after the stroke. Fine motor skills of fingers allows you to develop applications with exercises for patients to restore motor activity. Special VR applications are created for the treatment of phobias, stress management, overcoming phantom pains after the amputation.

Medicine today is rapidly developing along with new technologies. Very soon, treatment and rehabilitation will be much easier.
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TAU Tracker is the newest of user interface technology. Hand motion is the next generation of human computer interaction which is away from mouse or touch. TAU Tracker is the profitable VR motion capture device. It is light, wireless. The best way to interact with VR world. It is fully responsive, clean, modern, creative, and spontaneous. Intuitive interactions. Minimal latency. Precise motion tracking. Natural user interfaces.
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